SimFly Pad & SimFly Linker (Introduction & Downloads)

Latest Versions

  • v1.3.0 (Nov 12, 2022) SimFly Linker
  • v2.3.0 (Oct 14, 2022) SimFly Pad (AppStore)

SimFly Pad introduction

SimFly Pad is an app focused on enhancing your flight simulation game experience. (Android Version is still under development)
In SimFly Pad, you can quickly find a sophisticated flight checklist to help you complete each stage of your flight with precision.

SimFly Pad is also the first App that comes with a built-in "camera" allowing you to capture and record every moment of your flight through your phone.  All of photos and videos are supported for syncing to the cloud for permanent storage.

What is SimFly Linker?

SimFly Linker is an assistive software. It helps the SimFly Pad application to establish the connection the flight simulation, allowing you to maximize the full functionality of SimFly Pad.

Note: SimFly Linker does not collect any personal information and only transfers data to the user's phone connected to the same LAN when the user clicks start. Access to external data is also limited to checking for updated versions.


Will SimFlyLinker cause CTD or affect FPS?

No. SimFlyLinker uses API methods to interact with the simulated flight level, which usually does not have any stability impact on MSFS (unless there are bugs in the MSFS API)

SimFlyLinker consumes almost zero CPU and only about 20MB of memory when running. The CPU fluctuates by about 5% instantly during the "photo-taking" function. The impact on the game's FPS is usually only 5% when "recording". (Thanks to the latest Windows graphic API).

Tested with the RT6900XT graphics card, the FPS drop was only 2% when recording at 1080p 60fps at 2K screen resolution.

Please note that since video encoding and transmission will consume memory resource, the longer the recorded video, there will be a sudden rise in memory usage at the moment that recording is completed.

My video is stuttering (FPS is lower than in the game)

Please try to upgrade your graphics card driver with Windows SDK to the latest version.

Can I export the videos and photos I took?

Yes, you can click the Export button below each photo and video on the viewing page to save it to the system album.

Why can't my SimFly Pad establish a connection with SimFly Linker?

Please make sure Windows Firewall allows SimFly Linker to access the network, and make sure both SimFlyPad and SimFly Linker are connected to the same network (they can access each other)

Can 2 devices under the Mesh network establish a link?


How do I synchronize my flight data?

Once you have logged in to your account, click the sync icon on the records page to enable syncing. It is best to place the app in the foreground when syncing to prevent interruptions.

How do I add a checklist of my own?

Refer to This toturial 

When will there be an Android version?

Yes, it is under development.

Can I support the local deletion of video files that have been synced?


Is it slow to upload or download when syncing?

Our upload and download services use the corresponding acceleration technology worldwide, if you encounter problems with the synchronization speed, please try a few more times, if you still find the upload slow, please tell us your ISP information and city information and we will try to optimize.