The New Official Website for SimFly Pad

  We are pleased to announce that SimFly Pad has a new official website! Our online presence has been relocated to . Improved Documentation We have also enhanced our documentation resources, now available at . This site offers better and more comprehensive guides and instructions. Visit our new website and explore the improved features and resources today! Join Discord Discord: GQTyx9Y5ea

SimFly Pad iOS 2.6.0 New Features: Online Checklist Editor & Checklist Backup

SimFly Pad iOS 2.6.0 version has been officially released and can now be downloaded and installed from the App Store. This new version introduces the Checklist synchronization function, which allows users to upload their own Checklists to the cloud for backup, ensuring they can access and use their checklists conveniently at any time. When uploading, users can fill in keywords to indicate that the checklist is public, allowing other users to search for it. This feature allows users to share and exchange their checklists, as well as benefit from the experience and knowledge of other users. To facilitate user editing and management of Checklists, users can now open to modify them. This page supports adjusting the user-exported file directly and supports synchronizing the modified file back to the original account through the "upload code." This feature allows users to edit and manage their checklists more conveniently on the computer and use SimFly Pad

SimFly Pad & SimFly Linker (Introduction & Downloads)

Latest Versions v1.3.0 (Nov 12, 2022)  SimFly Linker v2.3.0 (Oct 14, 2022) SimFly Pad (AppStore) SimFly Pad introduction SimFly Pad is an app focused on enhancing your flight simulation game experience. ( Android Version is still under development ) In SimFly Pad, you can quickly find a sophisticated flight checklist to help you complete each stage of your flight with precision. SimFly Pad is also the first App that comes with a built-in "camera" allowing you to capture and record every moment of your flight through your phone.  All of photos and videos are supported for syncing to the cloud for permanent storage. What is SimFly Linker? SimFly Linker is an assistive software. It helps the SimFly Pad application to establish the connection the flight simulation, allowing you to maximize the full functionality of SimFly Pad. Note: SimFly Linker does not collect any personal information and only transfers data to the user's phone connected to the same LAN when the user cli

SimFly Pad v1.1 Released!

Finally, it comes with time that our latest version 1.1 has been released on AppStore. It brings some exciting new features: The first one is Voice Interaction. It allows us to check an item just by saying some specific keywords, such as "SET, CONFIRM, CHECKED". You can customize those keywords on the settings page.  It is my favorite new feature though it is still in the Beta phase. The second new feature is that the latest version has already supported importing checklists, which means that you can create your own checklist file or use the resources created by others.  Read this article to learn how to create your own checklist file . I wish you could like it. Ethan

Toturial : How to create your own checklist file

Update At 2023.3.23 After exporting your checklist, please use our latest Checklist online editor to adjust it. The website is . With this online editor, you can easily modify your checklists and sync them back to your account using an "upload code." 

Welcome To the Dev Blog of SimFly Pad App

We are focusing on building an Application to help you increase your experience playing games of Flight Simulator. Currently, the version of v1.0 provides the following features. InApp Checklist: We have integrated several checklist files of popular aircraft in this App. e.g(A320NX, CRJ-700, DC-6, TMB930...), by doing this way we believe it can make your flight more smoothy. If you have any advice or questions please feel free to leave a comment. :) SimFly Pad Team