SimFly Pad iOS 2.6.0 New Features: Online Checklist Editor & Checklist Backup

SimFly Pad iOS 2.6.0 version has been officially released and can now be downloaded and installed from the App Store.

This new version introduces the Checklist synchronization function, which allows users to upload their own Checklists to the cloud for backup, ensuring they can access and use their checklists conveniently at any time.

When uploading, users can fill in keywords to indicate that the checklist is public, allowing other users to search for it. This feature allows users to share and exchange their checklists, as well as benefit from the experience and knowledge of other users.

To facilitate user editing and management of Checklists, users can now open to modify them. This page supports adjusting the user-exported file directly and supports synchronizing the modified file back to the original account through the "upload code." This feature allows users to edit and manage their checklists more conveniently on the computer and use SimFly Pad more flexibly.

Although related functions of the Android version are still under development, we will launch the relevant version as soon as possible so that more users can enjoy the convenience and practicality of SimFly Pad.

Thank you for your feedback and support. We will continue to improve and perfect SimFly Pad to make it a better and more practical checklist tool.